Timeline for Life of Louis Adolphe Dorr





1816   Born in Nancy, Meurthe-Et-Moselle, France


Emigrated to US, arrived in Mobile


Married Francois Benal (age 20) on 7 June in Mobile (source - Mobile County Probate Court records)
1842   Sylvia born in Mobile
1843   Albert Jacob born in Mobile
1844   Narcissus born in Alabama
1847   Norman Franklin born in Kemper County ?
1849   Martin born in Kemper County ?
1851   Edward Charles born in Kemper County ?
1854   Henry James born, in Kemper County ?
1855   Rufus Marion born in Kemper Co ?
1856   Frances “Fannie” born, In Kemper Couunty?


Bought land in Kemper Co., MS (was 14 years in Kemper County, through Civil War)
1859   Eugene Emile born in Kemper County. He married (1) Alice Coleman (2) Pearl Brooks.
1861   Mary Louise (Ninnie) born Kemper Co Never married.
1865   Susan Lilla (Lillie) born Kemper Co. Never married.
1866   His father has died in France and estate being settled; ???? Believed his died before 1840???
1868   Letter written to brother Victor of Nancy, France re estate, refers to “children of FanFan” (their mother?)
1869   Narcissus married Sara Ann Wilkins in Sumter Co., AL (borders Kemper Co., MS)
1869   His stepmother has died and her heirs have control of the estate in France


Relocated to Panola Co., MS (13 years in Panola County)
1870   War in France
1872   Moved 8 miles from “place we were” (the Strait place? sold to Leroy Campbell)
1874   Victor writes that “everybody in Lorraine now connected to Prussia are selling out and moving to Nancy.”
1875   Norman Franklin married (2) Josephine Bishop in Panola Co.
1875   Edward Charles married Pattie Trammell in Panola Col
1876   Louis has received news of the death of Elizabeth, Victor’s wife; also “the notaire has received the amount of the Swartz purchase but refuses to settle with me.”
1877   Victorine and Louise visiting from New Orleans (Mdm Heric’s daughter/neice?)
1879   To Victor: “Tell Rosine to write me.”
1879   Letters past this date were cut out of ledger and probably discarded
1880   Sylvia married H H Hay in Panola Co.)
1880   Henry James married (1) Mary Byrd Coleman. She died in 1881.
1880   Rufus Marion married Lilly Mabry in Panola Co.
1882   Albert married Sally/Eliza (widow Baker) in Panola Co.


Louis died in Panola Co., MS; buried at Davis Chapel
1884   Frances “Fannie” married Joe McGuire in Panola Co.
1898   Henry James married (2) Alice Raines
1901   Francois Benal Dorr died in Panola Co., MS, buried at Davis Chapel
1908   Narcissus married (2) Lucinda “Cindy” Jackson in Panola Co.
1861-65   U.S. Civil War (Norman served in Grace’s Company, MS State Troops)
About 1870 Norman Franklin married (1) Sarah Unknown)
  (Note: In his letters he refers to “our family of Morhange” “brother Victor of Nancy and other brother of Chateau Salins” and that war passing through Wissembourg was about 10-15 miles from “the place where I was born.”
  (To Do:draw a map of these villages to show relationship.)
  (On Aug 17, Louis writes “war has passed 10-15 miles from the place where I was born. . . Wissembourg, Baubruck, Burralle and Bitche are places I know as well as my native village.”)
  (Note: In 1871 after the French defeat by the Prussians, almost all of Moselle and part of Meurthe are annexed by Germany. Under the treaty of Frankfort on May 10, those in the annexed areas of Alsace-Lorraine can choose French nationality and leave the annexed territories before Oct. 31, 1872 or become German citizens. In Metz, 20% of the popular will leave the city. Approximately 159,000 choose French nationality. These areas are returned to France after WWI in 1918. Apparently during the time after 1871 the area converts to German institutions including the notaries, system of land tenure, etc. This may have affected settlement of the estate also.)
  Mr. Genet, the notaire of Morhange, committed suicide; Brother Victor of Nancy lost 4,000 francs. “My other brother of Chateau Salins also lost something.”
  (Note: a google search turned up an Elsa Rosine Dorr b 1900 d 1995, daughter of Heinrich Dorr of Erlau, Odenwald, Hessen).