My name is Patrick NICOLAS, and I'm living in Nancy (Lorraine) and I'm fond of genealogy since many years. I found your site with google, because I'm interested by the Dorr family, since I've got some Dorr in my own tree.

I went to the Municipal archives and I didn't found the birth of Louis Dorr on the year 1816.

But I found a Louis Dorr, born on 9-12-1816, in MORHANGE, and he has got a brother Victor; born on 3-2-1808 in MORHANGE also and a sister Rosine, born on 3-9-1806, in MORHANGE too.

His brother Victor was married with Elisabeth SCHOUMERT, and had a daughter, named Victorine, born on 7-17-1838.

The father of Louis, Victor and Rosine and others, was named Mathias (instead of François) and was married with Marie-Marguerite CLOSSET on 8-31-1801 in MORHANGE.

Louis's mother died in 1828 and his father got married again with Catherine HUMBERT, on 10-20-1830 in DIEUZE (Moselle).

I noticed that on the passengers'list of the Hanover Ship, the line above the Louis'one is HUMBERT, like his stepmother. Maybe, This HUMBERT was a brother of his stepmother ?

About Victor, he lived after in NANCY and he was à cloth maker. He was rich, apparently.

Victor DORR and his wife, Elisabeth SCHOUMERT, are the ancestors of Ségolène ROYAL. Do you know her? She is an important political leader and was candidate to the recent presidential elections in France against Nicolas SARKOZY. Furthermore, she was living in the same village as me (CHAMAGNE). I wa looking for her genealogy when I found your site. Click on the link below to discover your famous cousin.


I noticed that the families BENAL & HERIC are often from the same village: GUERMANGE (Moselle) but I din't found anything about Françoise BENAL.

I hope that the french informations will interest and help you.

Yours sincerely,