Narcissus L. Dorr Orbituary


Obituary of Narcissus Dorr from the Southern Reporter, Volume XXXI, Number 30

Southern Reporter Sardis Miss. Friday Evening, April 7, 1916

Mr. N. L. DORR

DIED at his home, near Sardis, Miss., Mr. N. L. Dorr, aged 71 years, 3 months, and 3 days.

The above paragraph tells the readers of the Reporter that the messenger of death has once more been in our midst and has taken from us one of our valuable, honest and upright citizens. It falls like a pall of darkness, for we all realize the loss we have sustained. His death, though not entirely unexpected, made us realizes (sic) the loss. For several weeks he had been suffering with Bright's disease, during which time he had physician, the prayers of his many christian (sic) friends, and every assistance that could be rendered by the sympathetic hands of his loved ones, but all this failed to bring relief, and the end came at God's appointed time.

Mr. Dorr was born and reared in Kemper County, Miss., and there he was married to Miss Sara Wilkins, moving to Panola County, and, locating near Sardis, lived there till death claimed him. His wife preceded him to the Great Beyond only ten years. Two years after the death of his wife he was married again, this time to Miss Lucinda Jackson, of Sardis. He leaves a widow, eight children and twenty-two grandchildren, and a host of friends to mourn for him.

He lived a Christian life from early manhood, being a member, and for a number of years an officer, either as steward or superintendent of the Sunday school, of Davis Chapel church, and was always to be found at his post of duty. He was a man of most exemplary character, pure and blameless, inspiring to a higher life all who came under the uplifting influence of the firm and useful life he lived.

Though his life is ended, yet the sweet influence he left will ever point his loved ones to the God whom he loved and served. May we see in this sad bereavement the act of a loving Father who knows best. He will be greatly missed in the church, to which he took so much pride in going, and in his home, where he was loved and honored by his family. In fact, no one can fill his place in life; but, friends, let us try to fill our places better by having such an example as this life before us. May our faith in Christ be strong and simple like his.

The funeral was conducted by his pastor, whose words of sympathy were very touching to every one present. The body was laid to rest in Davis Chapel cemetery.

May God look down in tender mercy on his wife, relatives and many friends.

Notes: (Sic) means this was copied exactly as originally written, even though it might be misspelled or doesn't conform to modern usage. Notice that his name was spelled as it is in French. Bright's disease is chronic nephritis (kidney disease).