Thanks to Jim Strain's contribution, we have a copy of the land patent of Louis' land in Kemper County. Jim also located maps showing the location of the land, which are shown below the patent.

Kemper County Land Patient.jpg (253569 bytes)

Below are maps showing where  the property that Louis' obtained in 1854 was in Kemper County. In a letter in November 1870 is says that he is selling his place three miles northwest of Tamola Station.  The property that was obtained in 1854 is northeast not northwest of Tamola.  In a 1868 letter Louis inquired about buy 160 acres of woodland (Kemper County, 6 in Section 28, Township of S18).  This could have been what he was referring to that was northwest of Tamola.  Will try to locate where the 160 acres are and if ther is any record of Louis buying the land.

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Kemper County Tamola, in SE corner of Kemper County