Documents for the Dorr Family


Mathis And Catherine's Marriage Document - 1801
French document showing genealogy from about 1663 to 1811

Louis A. Dorr Bith Act - 1816

Francoise Benal Birth Act - 1821
Louis' and Francis' Passenger Records
Louis' and Francis' Marriage Record 

Narcissus' and Sarah's Marriage Record
Land Patent for Kemper County
Panola County land records
Davis Chapel records for Dorr Family
Davis Chapel Grave Stones
Dorr Deaths recorded in the Souther Reporter
1850 Census records - Kemper Co.
1860 Census records - Kemper Co.
1880 Census records - Panola Co.
Narcissus' Orbituary
Narcissus Marriage record
Ernest Albert's Marriage
Ernest Albert's Obituary
Albert E. Dorr Birth Cerificate
Albert and Maxyne's Marriage License