Recent Updates


10/16/2008 Moved the information about the Dorr family in France to its own page with a link on the left. Nicolas is providing too much information to keep on the home page.
10/16/2008 Added Nicolas Dorr's ancestors. Nicolas is the one who is providing information on the Dorr family in France.
10/13/2008 Birth Certificates (Acts) for Louis Dorr and Francoise Benal, Louis' wife. More to come.
07/30/2008 Created map of northeast France which shows the towns our ancestors lived in.
07/23/2008 Modified the first section on the description of the website.
07/20/2008 Added paragraph about the Dorrs in France with links to pictures of Varsberg and Nicolas Dorr

Marriage Document for Mathias and Catherine Dorr, Louis' parents

07/20/2008 Genealogy of Dorr Family from about 1663 to 1811
07/10/2008 On July 7, I received an email from Jacques Dorr in France with information on two more generations of Dorrs. This information takes our family back to Nicolas Dorr, born about 1663.
04/24/2008 Added information on Louis' family in France. I updated Louis' page and added pages for his father and grandfather. Also created a new chart based on family line.
02/15/2008 Copy of original passenger records for Louis and Fannie
10/1/2007 Maxyne C. Dorr passed away
07/16/2005 Updated Dorr land records in Panola County.
07/15/2005 Added obituaries for Ernest Albert, Eugene Emily, and William Hale Dorr.
03/24/2005 Added photographs page where all the photographs that I have are listed in order of Louis' children. The "Photograph" link is at the bottom of the navigation section on the left.
02/23/2005 Added story about Charles Legge which describes the Davis Chapel area and mentions some of Louis' children. Charles Legge Story
07/20/2005 Davis Chapel Church Records