The following are various photographs of members of early Dorr families. At the top are pictures I have not identified. Photographs are then listed based on Louis' children. I welcome any pictures that people would like to share with other members of the Dorr family. Does a picture exist of all of Louis' children together, young or old? If corrections are needed, please send me an e-mail.


Grandma Dorr

Whose Grandma is this?
Family with a dog Help?
Two Young boys Help?
Dorr Brothers Who are these two?
Dorr Family?  
Is this a Dorr?  
Sylvia Marcellia Dorr No Picture
Rev. Albert Jacob Dorr No Picture
Narcissus Dorr  
Narcissus Dorr's Family Narcissus, Sara Jane and seven of their children
Narcissus and Sara Jane  
Narcissus and Lucinda "Cindy"  
    Earnest Albert Dorr  
Young Norman Dorr Family Is this Norman Dorr and his young family?
Eleanor Dorr Younger picture of Eleanor
Norman Clinton Dorr


Leonard Ira Dorr  
Maude "Maudie" Mae Dorr  
Ora Lee and daughters Louise & Dorothy Younger picture of Ora Lee
Ethel Dorr


Lillie Dorr  
Norman Dorr's Family Norman and Jophine and all of their grown children
Martin Cullen Dorr No Picture
Edward Charles Dorr No Picture
Henry James Dorr No Picture
Rufus Marion Dorr No Picture
Frances "Fannie" Dorr No Picture
Eugene Emile Dorr? There is another picture of a young girl taken at the same time with E E Dorr at the top

William Hale Dorr's Store 1
William Hale Dorr's Store 2

William Hale Dorr's grocery store in Sardis