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131. Edward Max DORR was born on 15 Feb 1942 in Stillwater, OK.

Although I'm still living, I am writing a summary of my life as my father did a few years before his death. During my genealogy research I have often wished I had more information about the lives of our ancestors instead of just names and dates. Also I hope this will help my grandchildren know me in the event something happens to me in the next several years. This has become more lengthy than I had planned, but since it is mainly for my grandchildren others can skip over the following.

I was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma. My father had just graduated from Oklahoma A&M and he was in a training program with Phillips Petroleum in Fairfax, Oklahoma. Mom stayed in Stillwater for my birth. Complications at birth resulted in cerebral palsy for me. While Dad was in World War II, Mother, Dana and I lived with my grandparents in Perry. In 1946, Dad took a job with OG&E and we moved to Oklahoma City. I attended kindergarten with the other kids in the neighborhood but my parents put me in a special school for the handicapped for grades 1-4. They thought that I needed the physical and speech therapy that this school provided. The school was more geared to meeting physical needs instead of academic needs, so my parents transferred me to public school in the fifth grade.

I had a very good family life as a child. I ended up having four younger brothers, Dana, Pat, Jon, and Kent. I believe this was the best thing my parents could have given me. I do not remember being "protected" or needing any special care. I believe holding my own with four brothers helped me to have the initiative later in my life when I needed it. We had five boys in a three-bedroom home until my sophomore year in high school. Dad had worked as an engineer for an air conditioning and heating company. He had an opportunity to buy the company with Lewis Carter and they started Comfort, Inc. and did very well. Mom designed a six-bedroom home in the Wildwood neighborhood in Oklahoma City. Dad even put in a swimming pool.

Although I realized I was handicapped, I really did not see myself as different from other kids. My biggest problem has been
trying to convince people I can do what I feel I am capable of. One of my first disappointments was not being able to play Little League baseball because the officials thought I might get hurt. This was the beginning of a way of life for me since people assumed I was not capable of doing most things. I was told I could not drive, but my parents always supported me and insisted that I be able to take drivers training in high school. It was questioned if I would be able to succeed in college, and Dad even thought of setting me up in a small business. I was determined to attend college and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in 1964 from Oklahoma State University.

After graduation I was unable to find a job even though I had good grades and experience working in the OSU computing center. I was lucky that Dad had a successful air conditioning business and I was able to work there until I found something. I interviewed with the people on the governor's committee for hiring the handicapped. After several weeks they said that they had found a job for me, but it turned out to be a janitor's job at Tinker AFB. I remember telling them something about not needing this type of help and walked out.

After a year I got a job through an employment agency with a local automobile parts remanufacturer, Unit Parts, Inc. The owner of the employment agency was in a breakfast club with Dad and the owners of Unit Parts lived in the same neighborhood as we did. Dad said he did not have anything to do with me getting the job, but I never quite believed it. At least it was a start and this was just the beginning of God using people in my life.

One weekend I went to Dallas with several of my college friends for a wild weekend. For some reason at the end of the weekend I stopped to visit a cousin of my mother's whose husband I really liked, Bob and Gloria Keefe. Bob asked if I was interested in a job at LTV Aerospace. He took me over to a friend of his that afternoon. I ended up taking a job with LTV as a mathematician developing equations that described the surface of the tail assembly of the 747 aircraft. I was not unhappy at Unit Parts, it was not a real challenging job and I thought this would be a chance to get away from OKC and would be interesting. Again God used someone to help.

At the time my best high school buddy, George Poe, was working for a company just 10 miles from LTV. He tried for months to convince me to accept a job with Fritz W. Glitsch & Sons as a computer programmer. I was not a mathematician at heart and really wanted to get back in the computer field. I finally accepted the job at a considerable increase in pay. Mike Glitsch, the son of the owner, always enjoyed using the latest technology and I ended up working with IBM to develop one of the first online engineering design tools. I played a significant role in the system programming part of this project. This opened my eyes to a whole new area of the computer field, systems programming. I enjoyed developing ideas of my own instead of programming some engineer's formulas. Again God used someone, George, in my life.

I ended up leaving the company and took a graduate assistantship at Purdue University to work on a master's degree in computer science. This really upset Dad. After all the problems I had in finding a job he was not comfortable with me leaving a good job. I received my degree from Purdue in 1970 and took a job with Control Data Corporation in Sunnyvale, CA.

A year later while attending a singles class at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto I met Margie. Actually it was on a ski trip to Heavenly Valley ski resort and I spent the whole weekend trying to talk to her. We later got to know each other at the Sunday evening services. We were married in 1972 in a small church in Los Gatos, CA. All of the Dorr and Brooks families flew out for the wedding.

After six months we decided to move back to Texas and I took a job with Texas Instruments in Richardson. We wanted to live in a small town so we moved to Plano, population 25,000. The only problem is that when I retired 26 years later it had a population of over 200,000. While I was with TI we had the opportunity to work in Amsterdam for several months and lived with a Dutch family. Margie was pregnant with Tim at the time. Tim arrived in 1973 in Richardson since Plano did not even have a hospital at that time. Diane arrived in 1976 at the new Plano General Hospital.

I enjoyed the work at TI, but it was not an ideal environment. It was truly a manufacturing complex and dirty. While in school I always dreamed of working for IBM, a top company doing state-of-the-art work. A friend of mine from church convinced me to interview with Electronic Data Systems. EDS was similar to IBM and was one of the leading companies in the management of computer systems. EDS was very conservative and required its employees to dress in dark suits with white shirts. I did not think I had much of a chance of fitting in although I always wanted to work for this type of company. Back then you had to go through three different interviews and they even interviewed your wife. They wanted to be sure that the wife realized the commitment they were looking for from her husband. They ended up offering me a job and I stayed for 22 years.

We originally moved into a small house at 2 Westlane Place in Plano. We later moved to a larger home at 2604 Briarwood Drive. The house was on a creek and I built a two-story fort for the kids down by the creek. Diane and Tim rigged up a pulley system to get our dog, Smokey, on the top floor of the fort. It was during this time that I bought Dad's sailboat and we enjoyed sailing until we moved to Pennsylvania.

In 1983 I took a position on a contract that EDS had with the Navy and we moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for six years. We had a couple of acres out in the country. The kids learned to ski while we were there. We lived thirty minutes from a ski lift and the school would take them up there on Fridays after school during the ski season. We got into camping while we were there and even took two camping trips to Canada.

In January of 1990 EDS moved us back to Plano. We bought a large five-bedroom home on an acre lot that the kids enjoyed, and it was ideal for teenagers. It had a large playroom with a pool table and there was a nice swimming pool with plenty of room for volleyball and other things. Tim and Diane both went to Plano East Senior High. Tim was on the wrestling team and Diane on the cross country and track teams. I bought another sailboat and we sailed until the kids left.

When we first moved to Plano in 1973 we were active in a very small church, Plano Bible Church. Dave Reimer was the pastor and we developed friendships that lasted for the next 26 years. The church eventually merged with Fellowship Bible Church, which was led by Gene Getz. We had been lucky over the years to be led to churches with great teachers. This began in Palo Alto where Ray Stedman was the lead minister of PBC. One of the main thrusts of Fellowship Bible Church was to start new churches. Margie and I with about four other couples started Bethany Bible Church in Plano.

After the kids left for college we decided we did not need such a large home. We built a small home in Mt. Vernon in east Texas and built a garden home in Plano. After a couple of years in the garden home, we bought a larger home in Plano. Going from 3600 square feet to 1700 was just too much; I always felt that I was in an apartment and I missed a nice yard.

I have always enjoyed having a building project going. I think this is one thing I inherited from Dad and the following are some of my projects: My first major project was building a greenhouse at our first house in Plano. When we moved to Briarwood Drive, I built the kids a two-story fort by the creek in the back yard. I helped Tim and a friend build a skate ramp while we were in Pennsylvania. My pride and joy was a 12x14-foot workshop that I built at our lake home in east Texas. It even had a porch on the front so that it would look similar to the house. I have installed two underground sprinkler systems and helped Dana and Jon install a small system in Mom's back yard. I always enjoyed working in the yard when I had nothing else going on.

In 1999 EDS offered early retirement which I took. We stayed another year in Plano to try to decide where to go. We didn't like all the people and traffic in Plano and wanted to move to a smaller community. Margie wanted to be close to the grandkids, but I had no desire to be in the Atlanta area; it was too much like Dallas and it has high humidity. I always wanted to retire to a college community because I wanted to return to school and study history. I have always been a big OSU Cowboy fan. In 2000 we moved to Stillwater. We moved my mother to assisted living in Stillwater in 2002, thus I was able to be of some help to Pat and Kathy. It is unbelievable how much care they both gave Mom in her last years. Although I enjoyed taking history courses at the university, Margie never enjoyed Stillwater.

In 2006 Diane's husband, Brian, was transferred from Georgia to Fort Worth by Lockheed. They had three of our grandchildren and Tim had married while we were in Stillwater and gave us another grandson. We moved back to Texas to be with the kids and grandchildren. We bought a home at 8905 Trails Edge Drive in North Richland Hills. I miss all the OSU sports, but became involved with the White Chapel UMC, the Southlake Kiwanis and the Grapevine AMBUCS organizations and having the family together again.

I also became involved with a group of guys at a local bar near the house called Beef O'Brady. Over the years I became good friends with many of the guys and women. After Beef O'Brady's shut down, we went to Chili's, then to a new bar in the area called Chef Blythe's Bistro.

I started going on trips with the church which include Nova Scotia, Israel, Greece and Turkey. Also went on a number of trips with members of my Sunday School class which included Charlotte, NC, Savannah, and Destin. When Eli turned 16 I came up with the idea of taking each grandchild on a major trip when they became 16 and took Eli on the church trip to Greece and Turkey. Bre and I went to China in 2017. After two weeks Bre went home. Then one of my best friends from Chef Blythe's Bistro met me in Hong Kong and we partied there for a week.

In 2017 we sold the house and moved to Atria Senior Living. I was really thankful for my friends at the Bistro. The people at Atria were nice, but most of the men at Atria were older and not very active. The Bistro group gave me a chance to meet with friends most days and we did a number of activities. We took a trip to Mexico and went to an Ohio State football game in Columbus.

Edward married Marjorie Jane BROOKS, daughter of Robert Raymond BROOKS and Bernadine Mae Leavitt BROOKS, on 26 Aug 1972 in Los Gatos, CA. Marjorie was born on 17 Jan 1945 in Wheeling, WV.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 205    i. Timothy Bryan DORR was born on 25 Oct 1973 in Richardson, TX.

+ 206    ii. Diane Elizabeth DORR was born on 12 Jun 1976 in Plano, TX.

132. Dana Michael DORR was born on 23 Sep 1943 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Dana married Elsie Maria DEDIER, daughter of Pierre DEDIER and Irene VAN DAMME, in Aug 1975 in Oklahoma City, OK. Elsie was born on 29 Sep in Brussels, Belguim.

The child from this marriage was:

   207    i. Jessica Maxyne DORR was born on 5 May 1977 in Tulsa, OK.

Dana next married Anna Marie BECKER in May 1969 in Wurzburg, Germany.

133. Patrick B. DORR was born on 20 May 1947 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Patrick married Kathy Sue RHODES, daughter of Charlie Louis RHODES and Dorothy Katherine BOOKER, on 20 Jan 1969 in Oklahoma City, OK. Kathy was born on 8 Jul 1947 in Ft. Smith, AR.

Children from this marriage were:

   208    i. Megan Ranell DORR was born on 30 Oct 1973 in Ada, OK.

   209    ii. Amber Coleen DORR was born on 3 May 1979 in Stillwater, OK.

134. Jon Real DORR was born on 25 Apr 1952 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Jon married Melissa Maria BAKE, daughter of William Herbert BAKE and Joan Elizabeth JOHNSON. Melissa was born on 30 Sep 1960 in Bismark, N. D..

Children from this marriage were:

   210    i. Alyssa Real DORR was born on 8 Sep 1992 in Oklahoma City, OK.

   211    ii. Wesly Marie DORR was born on 8 Sep 1994 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Jon next married Carolyn Jean COLLINS 25 May 2974 in Oklahoma City, OK.

135. Kent Anthony DORR was born on 5 Nov 1954 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Kent married Karen Jean MASTERS on 20 Mar 1977 in Oklahoma City, OK. Karen was born on 9 Apr.

Children from this marriage were:

   212    i. Karoline DORR was born on 6 Mar.

   213    ii. Karly DORR was born on 17 Jun.

   214    iii. Kamille DORR .

Kent next married Sharon Denise TILLEY in Aug 1971.

Children from this marriage were:

   215    i. Dustin DORR was born on 19 Jun 1974 in Oklahoma City, OK.

   216    ii. Christopher DORR was born on 12 Mar 1972 in Oklahoma City, OK.

140. Barbara Dean TROTTER was born on 4 Apr 1931 and died on 24 Mar 1971 at age 39.

Barbara married Walker Bolton WILKERSON.

The child from this marriage was:

   217    i. Evelyn Diane WILKERSON .

Evelyn married Jack GAYDON.

142. Joyce Anne "Jo" DIXON .

Joyce Helmers; 17593 Hwy. 315; Sardis, MS 38666;

Joyce married Warren Henry "Brook" HELMERS.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 218    i. Warren Henry "Trooper" HELMERS Jr.

   219    ii. Sheri Lynn HELMERS .

+ 220    iii. Herbert Thomas "Tom" HELMERS .

+ 221    iv. Edward Venson "Ted" HELMERS .

143. James Robert "Bud" DIXON .

James married Marilyn CIMINO. Marilyn was born on 14 Feb 1938 and died in 1985 at age 47.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 222    i. Kimothy Wade DIXON .

+ 223    ii. Melody Gay DIXON .

   224    iii. Kevin James DIXON .

   225    iv. Kerry Allen DIXON .

   226    v. Kris Conrad DIXON .

144. Carolyn Marie DIXON .

Carolyn married James Deveaux MONEY.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 227    i. Michael Eric MONEY .

   228    ii. James Deveaux MONEY .

146. Henry Wayne "Hal" DIXON .

Henry married Bennie June LONDON.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 229    i. April Michelle DIXON .

+ 230    ii. Diedre Louise DIXON .

147. Henry Wayne DIXON .

Henry married Bennie June LONDON.

Children from this marriage were:

   231    i. April Michelle DIXON .

+ 232    ii. Diedre Louise DIXON .

   233    iii. Henry Wayne DIXON Jr.

149. Amos Harrison TERRELL Jr.

Amos married Lynn Roaoten KNIGHT.

The child from this marriage was:

   234    i. Charlotte Lorena TERRELL .

150. Katherine Lorena TERRELL .

Katherine married H. C. TRIBBLE.

The child from this marriage was:

   235    i. Lorena Michelle TRIBBLE .

152. Mary Louise RIALES .

Mary married Thomas DURRETT.

Children from this marriage were:

   236    i. Dickie DURRETT .

Dickie married Terryann SANDIFUR.

   237    ii. David DURRETT .

   238    iii. Bonny DURRETT .

153. James RIALES .

James married Ann STRICKLAND.

The child from this marriage was:

   239    i. Emily Ruth RIALES .

154. Robert Leslie RIALES .

Robert married Margaret SWANGO.

Children from this marriage were:

   240    i. Mary Katherine RIALES .

   241    ii. Richard RIALES .

155. Kenneth RIALES .

Kenneth married Kay MILLIKEN.

The child from this marriage was:

   242    i. Lisa RIALES .

157. Wanda RIALES .

Wanda married Keith ALEXANDER.

The child from this marriage was:

   243    i. Clint ALEXANDER .

160. Rosannia DORR .

Rosannia married Jim WELCH.

Children from this marriage were:

   244    i. Jimmy WELCH .

   245    ii. Julie WELCH .

   246    iii. Susanne WELCH .

162. James Shelby DETTOR Jr. was born on 27 Feb 1932.

James married Olivette Sledge CRAIG.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 247    i. Lucille Linnian DETTOR was born on 25 Jan 1959.

   248    ii. Emily Byrde DETTOR . She had no known marriage and no known children.

163. Gerald Eugene "Jerry" DETTOR was born on 21 May 1933.

7/9/98 Southern Reporter: Jimmy, Audrey and David Joiner of Raleigh, NC, visited their parents, Jerry and Barbara Dettor and Ernest and LaVelle Joiner, ...Anita Dettor Hays and son Drew, of Memphis, TN, also visited during that time.

Gerald married Barbara Nell GRACE on 31 Jan 1958. Barbara was born on 8 Sep 1939.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 249    i. Audrey Joanna DETTOR was born on 10 Sep 1960.

+ 250    ii. Anita Jean DETTOR was born on 25 Mar 1964.

164. Mary Helen DETTOR was born on 25 Jun 1935.

Mary married Charles NETTLETON. Charles was born on 28 May 1928.

Children from this marriage were:

   251    i. Theresa NETTLETON was born on 27 Sep 1959.

   252    ii. Thomas NETTLETON was born on 26 Jan 1961.

   253    iii. John NETTLETON was born on 9 Dec 1962.

   254    iv. Jim NETTLETON was born on 29 Apr 1968.

   255    v. David NETTLETON was born on 5 Mar 1974.

165. Marilyn MIZELL .

Living San Antonio, TX, When Bro Died 1999

Marilyn married Gerald C. "Tiny" STRAIN.

The child from this marriage was:

   256    i. James A. STRAIN .

166. Betty Gail MIZELL .

Betty married William M. "Bill" FELSHER Dr.

Children from this marriage were:

   257    i. Theresa Kay FELSHER .

Theresa married Marc Andrew MANTEL on 23 Oct 1991.

   258    ii. Jack Mizell FELSHER .

   259    iii. Munson FELSHER .

   260    iv. Jimmy FELSHER .

167. James Floyd MIZELL Jr. was born about 1931 in Sardis, Panola Co., MS and died on 7 May 1999 in Titusville, FL about age 68.

Grad Elec Eng From Miss. State
Obit 6/3/99 Southern Reporter

James married Elizabeth ELIZABETH.

Children from this marriage were:

   261    i. Brian MIZELL .

   262    ii. Mary Ann MIZELL .

Mary married ? GRANT.

172. Byrd Carlton SORRELLS Jr was born on 26 Nov 1930 in Senatobia, Tate Co., MS.

Byrd married Gloria FREUDENBERG on 6 Mar 1954 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS. Gloria was born on 27 Jun 1932 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

Children from this marriage were:

   263    i. Steve Carlton SORRELLS was born on 26 Feb 1955 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

Steve married Glenda BOYLES in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

   264    ii. Lila Lea SORRELLS was born on 6 Mar 1959 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

Lila married George William HOOD Jr on 8 Sep 1979 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

   265    iii. Anne Clair SORRELLS was born on 18 Apr 1961 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

Anne married Gary ROBINSON on 14 Apr 1987 in Shaw, MS.

Anne next married Sidney Johnston ELLIS on 23 May 1982.

   266    iv. Anne Clara SORRELLS was born on 18 Apr 1961 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

Anne married Sidney Johnston ELLIS on 23 May 1982.

177. Fernando Wooden LODEN III was born on 16 Sep 1928.

Fernando married Patsy DANIEL, daughter of Jmes L. DANIEL.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 267    i. Fernando Wooden LODEN IV was born on 26 Jan 1959.

   268    ii. Lisa Lorane LODEN was born on 31 Aug 1961.

Lisa married Mark Allen CASTLEBERRY.

178. James Pope LODEN was born on 14 Dec 1930.

James married Mary Jo MOORE.

Children from this marriage were:

   269    i. Jim LODEN .

   270    ii. Elizabeth LODEN .

179. Wanda Lee MONTEITH .

Wanda married Carl MAY.

Children from this marriage were:

   271    i. David Monteith MAY .

   272    ii. Carla Elizabeth MAY .

   273    iii. Michel Benjamim MAY .

   274    iv. Michel Benjamin MAY .

180. John Curtis Kyle SORRELLS Jr. was born on 7 Dec 1938 in Greenville, Washington Co., MS.

John married Rita FREMIN on 24 May 1959 in Coteau, LA. Rita was born on 24 May 1959.

Children from this marriage were:

   275    i. John Curtis Kyle SORRELLS IV was born on 18 Feb 1960.

John married Tori PAYNE on 21 Mar 1987.

   276    ii. James Hoyle SORRELLS was born on 13 Sep 1964.

James married Lisa Marie UHER on 22 Mar 1986.

James next married Karie Kristine MATHIAS on 29 Apr 1995.

   277    iii. Shawn Patrick SORRELLS was born on 18 Nov 1965.

Shawn married Sharon Kimberly DOWNING on 7 Jan 1989.

183. Caroline Dorr CLINE was born in Hattisburg, MS.

Caroline Moore; 3936 Old Panola; Sardis, MS 38666

Both Caroline And Her Husband Bobby Moore Are Direct Descendants Of My 3Rd Great Grandfather, David Bishop

Caroline married Robert Warren "Bobby" MOORE on 3 Jun 1972. Robert was born on 19 Jun 1946 in Panola Co., MS.

Children from this marriage were:

   278    i. Robert Warren MOORE Jr was born on 29 Aug 1974.

   279    ii. Julia Caroline MOORE was born on 2 Feb 1978.

   280    iii. Benjamin Lee MOORE was born on 9 Dec 1979.

   281    iv. Virginia Louise MOORE was born on 23 Nov 1981.

   282    v. Jonathan Patterson MOORE was born on 24 Jan 1984.

186. Linda Joyce DORR was born on 23 Mar 1936.

Howard and Linda lived in Sardis, MS, from the time they got married until April 1959 when they moved to Batesville, MS. Howard worked for and retired from the Mississippi Highway Department. Joyce worked for Batesville Clinic. Linda went by her middle name, Joyse.

Linda married Howard L. Sanders in Mar 1955.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 283    i. Steven Howard SANDERS .

+ 284    ii. Barry Clay was born on 28 Jan 1962.

+ 285    iii. Karen Lynn was born on 30 Jun 1971.

196. Bill DORR .

Bill married Cheryl CARTER.

The child from this marriage was:

   286    i. David Wayne DORR .

David married Chandra COLUMBIA.

198. Mary Jo DORR .

Mary married Bill COOK.

Children from this marriage were:

   287    i. Maribeth COOK .

   288    ii. Laslie COOK .

+ 289    iii. Will COOK .

200. Pat DORR .

Pat married Dianne.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 290    i. Shelly DORR .

   291    ii. Wes DORR .

201. Michael Irving "Mike" DORR Sr. was born on 26 Jan 1960 in Sardis, Panola Co., MS.

Michael married Julie Glynn WILKERSON on 12 Apr 1979. Julie was born on 5 Sep 1961 in Sardis, Panola Co., MS.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 292    i. Michael Irving DORR Jr. was born on 22 Oct 1979 in Memphis, TN.

   293    ii. Mary Julie DORR was born on 10 Aug 1983 in Memphis, TN.

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