Dorr Gravestones

Family Gravestones

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NOTE:  The following are pictures of gravestones that were taken in December 2002 with a simple camera. At that time there was no intention to display them on a web site.  I am sure others have better photos than these and also pictures of graves not shown here. If anyone would like to share their photographs on the web please send an email.


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Louis A. Dorr

Frances Benal Dorr



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Narcissus Lewis Dorr

Sara Wilkins Dorr

Lucinda Jackson Dorr

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Eugene Emile Dorr

Martin Cullen Dorr

Third Generation

GravemarkerEllaDorr.jpg (177581 bytes) GravemarkerAliceColeman.jpg (143842 bytes) GravemarkerLouisH.jpg (92673 bytes)
Ella Dorr Alice Coleman Dorr Louis Henry Dorr