The Dorr Website

This website is dedicated to sharing information about the Louis Dorr family, his descendants and ancestors. Many people have information that other members of the family would enjoy knowing, and a website is an ideal method of sharing. After a recent visit to Sardis, I realized that a lot of information exists on the family. I am in the process of putting the information on this site. Our grandchildren may enjoy knowing something about us and our ancestors when we are gone. This is the family's site, not mine, so let me know what direction we want to take. Many people have put in a lot of effort in collecting information on the family, and I just want to share it with everyone.

The genealogy information in the two links at the left is by Generation and Family Line. Louis Dorr was the first Dorr in America and most of his descendants in America knew nothing about the family before him. Thus the Generation link points to his information. From there you can go forward or backward by generation. This report has all the information that I have on any of Nicolas' descendants. No detail information iis given on any living individuals. Most of the information is limited to the direct ancestors of my Louis Dorr. I have not attempted to trace all the siblings and spouses of each generation. The Family Line link has all of the the individuals who are descendants of Nicolas Dorr of France who are in my database.

The Name Index enables you to go directly to an individual where the most information exists on the individual. Next to the name is the line of descendancy from Nicolas Dorr. To see the descendants of the individual, you can click on the names below the information his information. You can continue, but it is dificult to see the complete descendants of the individual. The Family Line report can also be used, trace down to the individual based on the line of descent from the previous report. The number of the generations from Nicolas precedes every name. All of the individuals decendants are below the individual's name. The By Family Line 2 link is a combination of both reports.

Thanks to Jacques Dorr of France, I have added a section about the Dorrs in France, Louis' parents and ancestors back to 1650. Go to the Dorrs in France link on the left. There are multiple links concerning the life of the Dorrs in America.

Any additional information that anyone would like to share on their particular line of the family is wecome. Send me an email using the send email link at the top left of the page.

As far as putting names on the website, I have mixed feelings. I have had two families who have discovered that they are descendants of Louis from the website. Also I have had a number of people thank me for documenting the family tree. They thought they were cousins, but did not understand their actual relationship. I have deleted all information, dates, locations, etc. that could be used for identification theft. Also we are not concentrated in any one part of the country.  I will be glad to change your name to "Living."


The following information has been created from multiple sources, including a document from David N. Bishop, letters written by Louis, and other sources. In 1970 a grandson wrote a brief description from his memories of most of his aunts and uncles. An attempt is being made to write a short sketch on as many individuals as possible. If any other members of the family would like to share information about grandparents or other information, please send an email with a Word document and attach a photo if possible.

The Dorrs in France

  This section tells about the ancestors of Louis Dorr in France. It also has the descendants of one of Louis' uncles, Jean Pierre Dorr. Through one of his descendants who happened to see the website, we have obtained valuable information on the family in France.
Louis Dorr's Letters  

Louis wrote many letters, especially to his brother Victor in France and to Madame Heric in New Orleans. The letters between 1868-1879 have been copied and translated by Mildred Dorr Goodman. Betty Felsher then entered them into a word processor.

Paul Dorr's Memories of Louis' Children

  In 1970 Paul Dorr (Louis' grandson, Rufus' son) wrote a description from his memory of most of his aunts and uncles.

  This is a timeline of the events in the life of Louis Dorr and his family which was put together by Jo Helmers.
Documentation for the Dorr Family  

This is a list of public records that have been located relating to the Dorr Family.

The Davis Chapel Church

Dorr Gravestones

  This is a description of the neighborhood church and graveyard from a document that was published in 1986 about Panola County's history and an article in the Southern Reporter in 1950.
The Davis Chapel Neighborhood


  This is a description of the original neighborhood around Davis Chapel. It was written by Jo Dixon Helmers, based on her conversations with Jennie Ruth Hay Page. The map shows where the different family members lived in the Davis Chapel neighborhood.

Unknown Pictures

  These are photographs of people that I do not know. Please send me an email if you recognize anyone.